The Project

The aim was to design packaging for luxury, indulgent dark chocolate that women could enjoy by themselves in moments of relaxing solitude. This chocolate makes them feel good about themselves and eating it is a sensual, satisfying experience. The goal was to create a luxurious package that delights the consumer and continues to do so every time she reaches for another piece of chocolate.

Logo Development

The Greek goddess Aphrodite came to mind as I thought about luxury in conjunction with femininity, so I found a book that contained a variety of representations of her by different artists from different time periods.


Other than housing these plates, the book was also decorated with gold motifs that inspired some of the logo explorations. A different book on Aphrodite-centered poems featured typefaces I experimented with for the logo.

The Look

Gold on a white background makes the brand classic yet modern, as does Centaur MT Std, whose letterforms are evocative of ancient Roman scripts, and whose imperfect strokes make it just the right amount of playful.



Packaging Development

The packaging would be inspired by nature in connection with Aphrodite's origins in the sea, and algae, water and seashells were the primary objects of exploration.



After exploring a few nature-inspired forms, I decided to develop packaging that emulates a nautilus shell, evoking Aphrodite's birth story. The outer packaging is fun to peel back and is made with seed paper: you can plant it in soil and flowers will grow from seeds embedded in the paper. If it gets thrown away, it will easily biodegrade.

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